ebaat.no’s mission:
Affordable e-boating for everyone!

ebaat.no provides efficient, reliable and affordable e-drive solutions for boats up to 8 meters, featuring a flexible mounting concept suitable for new boats as well as for retrofit. We are carefully selecting products from a quality- safety and sustainability perspective.

ebaat.no is having a tight cooperation with Versabatt, who is producing a very robust and lightweight battery pack. Both Versabatt and ebaat are based in Norway, with a Scandinavian commercial focus.

Components layout

Retrofit services:
Refurbishment centre

Components layout

ebaat.no have several projects in the refurbishment centre, in tight cooperation with Versabatt. Here, both our own boat projects and customer projects are done. Usually, very few adaptions are needed to install the retrofit kit. The kit is intended for DIY projects, where you mount the drive units, controls and battery pack yourself.

Great maneuverability

A boat with rudder and single straight-shaft propellor, may be hard to manouver at the dock. It requires an experienced skipper. ebaat.no's retrofit kit solves this by including two drive units: One unit at portside and one unit at starboard side. The drive units may be controlled individually, which enables a novice skipper to perform very advanced manouvering with ease!
Boat license not required
In norwegian waters it is allowed to skipper leasure crafts up to 8 meters in length with a maximum motor power of 18kW without a boating license.
Doble control levers for individual control of each drive.

Simple charging

versabatt watertight battery cases

In spite of the increased demand for eboats, there are still quite few public chargers available. Because of this, our kit includes a very lightweight battery pack. The Versabatt battery pack is portable and easy to carry. A standard battery weighs about the same as 10 liters of petrol. The pack has enough energy for several hours of boating before a charge is necessary. Battery status and charge level is available through a smart phone app.

Easy mounting and assembly

ebaat.no's patent pending mounting kit is developed specifically to leave as little as possible footprint on the boats lower hull. It is possible to do the drive unit installation in a few hours.
komponenter pod drives kabler batteri Installation in a few hours
For boat with no engine
ebaat.no's solution is not dependant on a prior motor installation
Hybrid setup
ebaat.no's solution is very suitable for boats with or without the original engine. The e-drive units do not interfere with the original propellor or rudder. The system is very suitable in a hybrid setup, where the original engine is still operational and functional = hybrid drive.

Safety and quality

The system design is addressing safety, both in term of electrical and mechanic failures. The system operates on 48 Volts, which enables the boatowner to self-handle the installation process.
Impact tested
The motor mount is constructed to break upon a hard impact - which lowers the risk of damage to both the hull and the e-drive unit.
Corrosion tested
All components in the solution are tested in a saltwater marine environment for performance, safety and durability. The system is corrotion protected and insulated from the hull to prevent galvanic corrotion.


Complete DIY Retrofit kit - NOK:
85 000,-
Price including 25% VAT.

Components included:

  • 2 electric drive pods (2x1kW/48V)
  • 1 Versabatt (2.1 kWh/48V)
  • 2 mounting kits for drive units
  • 1 two-levered control unit
  • 1 display unit
  • 1 main power switch
  • 1 cabelkit for both drive units

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