Introducing FinX:
A safe electric outboard with no moving propeller!

Components layout and Versabatt are now introducting the revolutionary outboard motor Fin 5!

The french company FinX has developed an innovative electric outboard motor that use a membrane to move the boat forward. The 2kW motor is a very safe system as there is no chopping propellor. It will not harm swimmers og marine life, as it is safe to touch the membrane during operation without any risk.

Something very different, and very safe!

The FinX outboard's absence of rotating parts is suitable on boat where safety is of priority. It is very suited to environments rich with marine life or ocean debris, as there is no risk of catching ropes, seaweed or fishing line in the propeller.

Suitable for many applications

The motor has a net weight of 20kg without battery. Combined with a single Versabatt (2.1kWh) at 12 kg ensures no weight issues for the full package. Any boat intended for an outboard will handle this weight with ease.
48 Volts
The motor is an excellent match with Versabatt, and compatible with all 48V battery packs
Short shaft lengt
Also available in long-shaft version.

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